Insurance, Fees and PaymentS



Dr. Lyn Shroyer, EdD is a provider for most insurance companies and South Dakota Medicaid and South Dakota Medicare. Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance. Please contact your insurance provider to obtain an explanation of your mental-health benefits. Co-pay and or co-insurance is collected at time of service. Cash, check or credit cards are accepted. Rates are dependent on length of session and the service provided. 

Service                                                           Fee

Initial Assessment                                         $250 (This amount may be billed for the first 1-3 sessions.)

Psychotherapy (53+ Minutes)                       $200

Psychotherapy (38–45 Minutes)                  $145

Psychotherapy (16–37 Minutes)                  $110

Health Coaching (50 Minutes)                      $150 (Not covered by insurance)

Failed Appointment (No Show)                     $100 (Not covered by insurance)

In circumstances of financial hardship or no health care coverage, a sliding fee may be negotiated.

Note: You may be charged for phone calls of substance/length. Appointments not cancelled 24 hours in advance are considered failed appointments. The charge for no call/no show is $100. Insurance does not cover either of these. At minimum, the client is expected to make co-payment at session time.